Pat Cruz

Patrick Cruz was born in Daly City, CA. As a young student of age 5 he studied ballet, tap, jazz and Russian Character dances at Westlake School Of Performing Art (WSPA). As he got older, he found his love and passion focused on hip hop. Currently as a Hip Hop Director at WSPA, he is responsible for the hip hop general school and performance program of WSPA. He is also a member of Gen2, teaches master classes throughout California and Philippines.  His choreographic and staging abilities lead the hip hop performance program to ultimate success in competitions, earning the recognition of being a “master of hip hop” by judges.  

A true innovator in the hip hop community, Patrick Cruz continues to inspire his students and dancers all over the world with his passion and talent.



Keep working hard. And keep dancing, 'cause it's fun!


class #1: "You da best" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]