P. Lock

Check out classes led by locking dance master, P.Lock. His locking journey began in 2000 when he became a member of the Vagabond Crew. Later on, he joined the Boogie Lockers in 2002. Until 2005 he worked with Junior Almeida from France.

P.Lock confirmed his world class by winning three editions of Juste Debout  - one of the biggest international meetings of streetdances. He is also known as an undefeated fighter in dance battles 1vs1.  Since 2006 P.Lock has been judging in dance competitions all over the world. 

These tutorials are a real treat for fans of locking, and certainly a big opportunity to learn from the best for those, who want to make a first step in this area.


class #2: "Body Heat" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]