Marissa Osato

Marissa has incredible technique, and her style, being a fusion of jazz, modern dance and hip hop, is one of the most challenging ones that a dancer can take up on him- or herself. Marissa has rich teaching experience, running classes all over the globe. As one of the Entity agency’s directors, she works with the most talented dancers in the industry on a daily basis. Her dance resume is very extensive, starting with participation in Ellen De Generes Show and So You Think You Can Dance projects, up to working with artists such as Coldplay and Rihanna. Osato’s main character traits are positive attitude towards life, as well as sharing her knowledge and providing inspiration and getting inspired. This approach has solidified her position, and most of all built widespread respect. 


class #7: "Team" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #29: "Dancing in the Dark" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]