Les Twins

One of the most original and electrifying phenomena in the dance industry. A couple of years ago, Laurent and Larry emerged to be a huge sensation on the street dance scene. A unique way of moving, fantastic musicality, bearing and non-verbal twin communication during battles have made beating them almost impossible. Winning Juste Debout put the icing on the cake of their streak of success. Once they have achieved pretty much everything, they started to look for new challenges. The time has come for showbusiness. They have become Beyonce’s permanent dancers, travelling with her all around the world. Then came the ads, TV shows and working with other artists, for instance, David Guetta. Today, Les Twins is a full-fledged brand and two people with star status not only in the dance scene but in the entire showbusiness. Their every visit at the Fair Play Dance Camp creates a craze and is remembered forever. This year, we will again have the pleasure of submitting to their magic.


Watch Les Twins in action during their workshops at Fair Play Dance Camp festival, summer 2015:


class #6: "Freakin' You" & "They Don't Love You No More"