Tight Eyez

A charismatic individual. Tight Eyez is a pioneer of the Los Angeles-bred style called krumping. His early hustle was shown in the cult documentary “Rize”. Tight Eyez’ personal background is strictly related to the streets of California. Family issues, drug-ridden reality, no money. These things have had an impact on his life and made his dance routine filled with pain on one hand, and incredible spiritual power on the other. The classes he runs are a great experience that is difficult to describe in words. The energy and emotions prevailing during the sessions are able to move anyone and leave long-lasting memories. Tight Eyez always tries to share his knowledge and experience with his students. He is also the relentless ambassador of krumping, deeply rooted in Christian culture. He founded the Street Kingdom crew which enjoyed a considerable success in the America’s Best Dance Crew program. 

Watch Tight Eyez as a host of Fair Play Dance Camp TV:



class #13: "One Round" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]