Kyle Hanagami

Kyle Hanagami is currently one of the most prolific and appreciated choreographers in the world. For years, his videos have been setting new directions towards which this art develops. Kyle’s real hallmark is simplicity, thanks to which even the most abstract ideas take shape in surprisingly concrete forms. Awarding him with the best Carnival of 2010 shows just how much his craft has been appreciated by the community. His other trademarks are flawless professionalism and didactic skills. The “Best Class At Debbie Reynolds” award serves only to prove that. One of Kyle’s most characteristic skills is the ability to design choreography for couples. Not hiding the inspiration drawn from Keone and Mariel Madrid, he has managed to create a number of intense and stunning routines with the help of his assistants.

Watch Kyle's workshops at Fair Play Dance Camp 2014:



class #15: "Lay Me Down" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #27: "Manicure" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #53: "Make It To Me" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #58: "Feenin" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]