A true living legend among dancers. Although he has been considered to be a hip hop icon, he has never let himself be pigeonholed as a one-track mind individual. His style combines street grime, flawless popping and real theatricality. His routine is described by the P.A.B.E. (popping, animation, boogaloo and effects) technique. However, Salah is not afraid to draw from acting or even pantomime in his art. This has helped him win the UK B-boy Championship and Juste Debout, as well as join the world-renown Cirque Du Soleil. For some time now, he has been emphasizing not only dancing skills but also healthy lifestyle. He has managed to create an original training program that can be used both, by dancers and mortals alike :) Moreover, he pays a lot of attention to healthy eating.


Watch Salah's performance at Fair Play Dance Camp Showcase, winter 2015:



class #14: "Nagada Sang Dhol" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #28: "Hat Dance Skills" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #39: "Slow Motion Dance Skills" - TUTORIAL
class #48: "Isolation Skills" - TUTORIAL