Queensy's classes are a real treat for fans of Jamaican sounds, because no one can pump it with energy the way she is. Strength, style and sex appeal - all that made her dance perfectly capture the original rhythm of dancehall music. And her agility resembles a way black panthers move...

Queensy is a personality widely known and respected in the dancing community. Perfecting her freestyle and working with the best aces in a world of ragga dancehall, she became a real dance brand. The fact that she teaches in the most prestigious dance schools in Paris like MRG Studio and Harmonic Studio is the best indicator of her teaching credentials...

Watch Queensy's show during Fair Play Dance Camp Pioneer Dance Battle, winter 2015:

Fair Play Academy releases new class every 7 days. Queensy's video tutorials coming soon!


class #18: "Badd" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #37: "Dangerous Ground" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]