JK Sanchez

Dancer, choreographer, teacher, actor, art-director, DJ. He shares his style and technique on workshops around the world (Japan, Hong Kong, LA, France, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, UK, Finland and Poland). One of the teachers of SDK Europe 2007 – 2015. He is part of first house dance community in Czech and Slovak republic and founder of first house dance project called Rhythm of Soul. In years 2007-2009 he was an extern member of Dance2XS. He created two big theatre shows and took part in many commercial projects.  

He is not only a talented choreographer, but also a DJ with 10 years of stage experience, which helps him to understand music better.

Watch JK's show during Fair Play Dance Camp Showcase, winter 2015:



class #24: "House Routine" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #42: "You Make Me Hot" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]