Błażej "Bzyga" Górski

Blazej is one of the first representatives of the New Age in Poland. His talent was quickly noticed and appreciated. He has unique, very dynamic style and creates fast, challenging choreographies.

Bzyga considers dance as a dormant super-power in all of us, which can be awaken at any moment by passionate heart. He believes that hard work, consistency and perseverance can lead to achievement and accomplishment! 

He was trained at the best schools of dance, such as Debbie Reynolds, Millennium Dance Complex. In November 2008 he made his debut on stage in the play“Morosophus", in 2010 in “Metropolish”, and in 2014 “Armatorologia” the Fair Play Crew’s newest piece. He is also interested in Le Parkour and acrobatics which he skillfully uses in his performances and classes. Together with the rest of the Fair Play Crew`s guys he has been working on the choreographies for the Polish X Factor and Got to Dance.

Watch Fair Play Crew's show during Fair Play Dance Camp Showcase, summer 2015:

Fair Play Academy releases new class every 7 days. Bzyga's video tutorials coming soon!


class #25: "Vivrant Thing" - Choreography [TUTORIAL]