Jose Ramos, born in Puerto Rico, raised in uptown New York City!

Dancer, artist, top choreographer. Hollywood's new and fresh style has captivated many, he adds a style that is abstract, groovy, innovative, and rhythmic to the already thriving dance scene. After years of training in dance his passion for it grew to teaching and choreography and he began subbing at Broadway Dance Center in 2006.

Nowadays he splits his teaching time between the dance studios in LA and workshops all over the world. Main of his greatests strengths are his skills as a choreographer! This is so hard not to be amazed by his hip hop style, energy and smile Emotikon smile. So many most known singers had an opportunity to work with him: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Lil Mama, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Rihanna & MORE.


class #31: "Campaign" - choreography [TUTORIAL]
class #41: "WTF (Where They From)" - Choreography